Testosterone Alternatives

In the world of low testosterone, we have learned that not all men are created equal. There are many factors taken into consideration when determining the correct and most beneficial treatment plan for a man with Low T.

In some cases, the treatment plan may be a one time or short term cycle that will jumpstart a man’s own production of testosterone. The determination of treatment is made by the treating physician based on age, medical history, current testosterone level as well as his desire to have children in the future.

Alternative treatments to Testosterone may include HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or Clomid.

HCG is very similar in structure to luteinizing hormone (LH). In a healthy male, LH is sent from the pituitary to the testes and signals them to produce testosterone. Because of the similarity in structure, when HCG is injected, the body thinks it is LH and signals the testes to produce testosterone.

Clomid is used to achieve the same end result but through a slightly different mechanism. Clomid blocks Estrogen at the Pituitary and Hypothalamus. Once estrogen is blocked, its signal to stop the production of LH is also stopped and therefore the pituitary continues to produce more LH which then signals the testes to produce more testosterone.

Our T Alternative Plans range between $120 – $200 per month, depending on dosages and include:

• Office Visits
• Labs
• Injection Supplies (if needed)
• Medication

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