Low T Replacement Plans

Low T

As men age, they begin experiencing symptoms of Low T. Symptoms include lack of energy, increased belly fat, decreased muscle mass and low sex drive. Unfortunately, many men assume the way they feel is their new “normal” and don’t look for the cause of their symptoms. Additionally, these symptoms begin gradually and not always recognized as actual symptoms at all. If you believe you have symptoms of Low T, it takes a simple office or telehealth visit and labs to know for sure. A diagnosis is made by a physician after reviewing your medical history, symptoms, and blood work results. Our physician will customize a Low T Replacement Plan specifically for you, to address your personal needs.

Options for Administration of Testosterone

We offer multiple options of Testosterone administration to suite your personal lifestyle and needs such as:

  • Injections performed weekly by self-administration at home
  • Injections performed weekly by a nurse in our office
  • Topical Creams

Starting Low T Replacement Plans

Your safety and convenience are important to us. We provide options for you choose what works best for you.

Your initial visit which includes consultation, history, biomedical measurements & blood work start at $150 depending on how you choose to have your consultation visit and new patient labs drawn.

Firstly, Office visits can be conducted in the office or virtually online.

Secondly, Labs can be drawn in our office, at a lab location near you, or we can send a technician to your home or work. The choice is yours.

Finally, Your Low T replacement begins on the day of your follow up visit, approximately 1 week after your labs were drawn. Plans can range from $200 – $275 per month. Plan price depends on which plan best fits your lifestyle such as in office visits and labs, outside and telehealth, and other convenient options available. The most common plan cost is $225 monthly.

Low T Replacement Plans Include:

  • Testosterone Treatment
  • Estrogen Blocker
  • Injection Supplies
  • Blood work drawn according to our protocol (approximately every 3 months)
  • Follow up visits with the doctor
  • Weekly injections in the office or training to self-Inject at home

See Our Low Testosterone Information PDF

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