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Testosterone Replacement Plans

When men are experiencing symptoms of Low T such as lack of energy, increased body and belly fat, decreased muscle mass or low sex drive they don’t often look for the causes of these symptoms. The symptoms of low T can be gradual and may not always be recognized by men as actual symptoms but rather the “normal” things you feel as you age.

Once diagnosed through history, symptoms, EKG and bloodwork performed, our physician will customize a treatment plan specifically tailored to address your personal need.

Options for Administration of Testosterone

Since lifestyles vary, we have several options of administration of Testosterone such as:
  • Injections performed once time per week which can be self-administered at home or performed by a nurse in our office
  • Topical Creams
  • Testosterone Pellets (smaller than tic tacs) inserted under the skin by our physician which last approximately 3 months.
Starting Treatment

Your initial visit which includes consultation, history, biomedical measurements & bloodwork will be $150

Treatment begins approximately 1 week later on the day of your follow up visit and can range from  $150-$300 per month depending on the treatment recommend by the physician and the type of administration you feel best fits your lifestyle.

All plans include:
  • Testosterone Treatment
  • Estrogen Blocker
  • Blood work drawn according to our protocol (approximately every 3 months)
  • Follow up visits with the doctor
As part of your plan, you can choose to come into our office weekly to receive your testosterone injections or we will provide you with training, instructions, and supplies to self-inject at home.

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